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Western and ranch stories

A (by no means complete) listing of horse books based on ranching and the West.


The books here are only a fraction of the stories available in America, where the ranch story was tremendously popular.

Glenn Balch: Tack Ranch series
Dorothy Potter Benedict: Pagan the Black
Dorothy Potter Benedict: Fabulous
Dorothy Potter Benedict: Bandoleer
Olive Rambo Cook: Serilda’s Star
Reg Dixon: Pocomoto series
Logan Forster: Desert Storm
Logan Forster: Mountain Stallion
Logan Forster: Tamarlane
Logan Forster: Revenge
Patsey Gray: Star Lost
Patsey Gray: Star Dream
Patsey Gray: Lucky Star
Patsey Gray: Star the Seahorse
Patsey Gray: 4-H Filly
Patsey Gray: Loco the Bronc
Patsey Gray: Horse in her Heart
Patsey Gray: The Horse Trap
Virginia Clark (Patsey Gray): The Mysterious Buckskin
Dirk Gringhuis: Saddle the Storm
Howard L. Hastings: Top Horse of Crescent Ranch
Will James: Smoky the Cowhorse
Henry Larom: Mountain Stallion series
Adele de Leeuw: Blue Ribbons for Meg
Dorothy Lyons: Bright Wampum
Dorothy Lyons: Dark Sunshine
Dorothy Lyons: Blue Smoke
Dorothy Lyons: Golden Sovereign
Dorothy Lyons: Red Embers
Albert Miller: Fury series
Walt Morey: The Year of the Black Pony
Rutherford Montgomery: Golden Stallion series
Rutherford Montgomery: Big Red a Wild Stallion
Mary O’Hara: My Friend Flicka
Mary O’Hara: Thunderhead
Mary O’Hara: Green Grass of Wyoming
Sam Savitt: Vicki and the Black Mare
Ann Sheldon: Linda Craig series
Elizabeth van Steenwyk: The Best Horse Barrel Horse Racer)
Jo Sykes: Saddle a Thunderbolt
Jo Sykes: Trouble Creek
Jo Sykes: The Stubborn Mare
Harlan Thompson: Outcast, Stallion of Hawaii
Harlan Thompson: Star Roan
Armine von Tempski: Bright Spurs (Hawaiian ranching)
Armine von Tempski: Pam’s Paradise Ranch (Hawaiian ranching)
Judy van der Veer: Hold the Rein Free
Sharon Wagner: Gypsy series
Richard Wormster: Ride a Northbound Horse
John Richard Young: Arizona Cow Horse
John Richard Young: Arizona Cutting Horse
John Richard Young: Champion of the Cross 5
John Richard Young: Olympic Horseman