Victoria Eveleigh: Midnight on Lundy

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Because this was so beautifully written, I might now try some of this author’s other works. I will certainly never dismiss anything as “Kiddies’ Books” again! Superb reading for anyone. (Cal)

One of my favourite children’s books! The exciting story of a wild horse and a girl who loved it, based on a local legend. I bought it for every child in the family. (Marion)

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Printing history

As Midnight on Lundy
Tortoise Publishing, Exmoor, 2009, illus Chris Eveleigh, 190 pp.
as A Stallion Called Midnight
Republished and re-written , Orion, 2012
as Midnight on Lundy
Jane Badger Books, 2019

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Earlier editions



Author: Victoria Eveleigh