A Horse Called Freddie
Stanley Paul, 1967

Non fiction, this is the story of the horse Freddie – “Ireland’s gift to Scotland.”  He won the hearts of millions in his thirty races – not because of his successes, but because of  “a courage which could turn defeat to triumph.”


The Grand National
Stanley Paul, 1969

“Mr. Smith thought it was time for a precise record that would recapture each race in detail and that would be arranged clearly for quick reference. This book is the product of his thoughts. In it he includes information about the growth and development of the race (covering the period from 1837 to the present) and the specifics of each race – the date, the number of runners (four to 47) winners and time. But The Grand National is more than a catalogue of who won what, when, and where. In addition, it is a fascinating story that gives an insight into the lives of the English and a charming glimpse at part of their heritage. It is told in terms of people and horses. All of them – the Lamb, the Colonel, Miss Mowbray, the two Peter Simples, the doped Zoedone, the Great Manifest – emerge as individuals linking the 19th century with the present.”


Point to Point
Stanley Paul, 1968

Vian Smith, who trained point to point horses himself, gives a picture of the background of point to point, together with how to do it. The book is described as “a comprehensive picture of a traditional sport, told in a way as personal as it is informative.”


Parade of Horses
Longmans, 1970
As Horses in the Green Valley, Doubleday, New York, 1962
Carousel, 1972




Vian Smith