Three Ponies and Shannan

The classic girl-gets-pony story, in which Augusta through her own bravery earns the means to buy a pony, and through resourcefulness and grit, manages to make him a prize-winner.

Publishing history
Collins, London, 1947, illus Anne Bullen
Collins, London, 1956
Collins Pony Library, 1974
White Lion 1977
Armada pb 1968 and 1970s
eBook format, Jane Badger Books, 2019

Christina has moved to the country with her parents, her three ponies, and numerous staff. The house they have moved to was Charlie’s old house, and she and her friends are determined to loathe Christina. As Christina doesn’t know much about looking after her ponies, and her newly acquired wolfhound isn’t well trained, she has an uphill battle before she can start to make friends.

Augusta and Christina series
I Wanted a Pony
A Pony to School
Three Ponies and Shannan
Only a Pony

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Diana Pullein-Thompson