Three Jays on Holiday

The Three Jays go to the South of France for a holiday.

Publishing History
Cassell, London, 1958, 182 pp, illus J E McConnell
Armada, pb, 1963, 158 pp
Armada, pb, 1968? Cover Mary Gernat

The Three Jays are going to the South of France for a holiday. They are supposed to meet Jacky’s father there, who has offered to take
them for a cruise on his yacht. They don’t have any money to get there, so have persuaded Jacky’s cousin, D’Arcy, to take them in his Bentley. Pat has arranged to meet them in the Camargue, and they are allowed to take part in a round up. When they reach the rendezvous with Jacky’s father, however, he is not there.

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