The Ponies of Cuckoo Mill Farm

The Forrests, old family friends of the Marshams, arrive for a visit, and the Marshams are horrified when they seem to have nothing in common with each other.

Publishing history
Blackie, London, 1958, 222 pp, illus Geoffrey Whittam
Blackie, London, 1965, 222 pp, cover Harry Green

Old friends of Mrs Marsham, the Forrests, arrive from London to live on a barge near the river. At first, it looks as if the two families have nothing in common at all: the Forrests don’t know anything about ponies, and they don’t want to learn. However, they all eventually learn to appreciate each other for what they are.

The Cuckoo Mill Farm series
They Rescued a Pony
The Ponies of Cuckoo Mill Farm
Riding for Ransom
To Horse and Away

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