The Dark Horse

Dark Invader is an English race horse, and this is his story.

Printing history
Macmillan, London, 1981, 202pp
Viking, New York, 1982, cover Eugene Schongut
Chivers, 1982 – large print
Methuen, pb, 1983
Virago, London, pb, 2014

Dark Invader is an English race horse. He is bought by a spoiled owner who loses interest in the horse after he does badly following his initial success. The horse is put up for sale, and is bought by a wealthy businessman living in India. There, the horse meets with far better luck: his new owner has the foresight to employ Dark Invader’s groom, the person who truly understood him, and he is placed with a trainer who is prepared to tread the unorthodox path. In the same neighbourhood is a convent, who work constantly to provide for the city’s poor. Central to their efforts is their aged but valiant horse, Solomon, who works every night with the sisters, collecting the food they are donated. As Dark Invader’s star rises, his groom, Ted’s, seems as if it will wane, and after Solomon dies, Dark Invader’s future and the Convent’s become inextricably linked.

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Rumer Godden