The Brownies and the Ponies

Joey is a Brownie who is horse mad.

Publishing history
Brockhampton Press, Leicester, 1965, 120 pp. Illus Edgar Norfield

Joey is a Brownie, and she is horse mad. She doesn’t have a pony of her own (although she dreams of it) but she has made her own stable and herd of toy horses. Joey and another Brownie, Tulip, becomes friends when Tulip is visiting London, where Joey lives. When Tulip’s cousin, with whom she is staying, becomes ill, Tulip stays with Joey and her mother. When Tulip goes back to the country, Joey goes with her, and eventually her mother rents a cottage which even has a donkey in the field. When the donkey’s owner takes it away, Joey is disappointed, but soon she has her own adventures with real ponies, especially a sweet little mare called Kitty.














Verity Anderson