Stud farms and breeding

A listing of horse and pony books that cover stud farms and breeding.


What could be better – endless ponies and foals? The stud farm is really the ideal setting for a pony book.

Akrill, Caroline: the Showing series is set on a stud farm
Judith M Berrisford: Jackie and the Phantom Ponies – Jackie and Babs spend a holiday at a Fell Pony Stud
Judith M Berrisford: Five Foals and Philippa  two girls help out at a stud which is threatened by a neighbouring operation
Judith M Berrisford: Jackie and the Pony Rivals – pretty much same book as Five Foals and Philippa
Ursula Bruns: Snow Ponies – Dirk and Dalli visit a German stud farm
Kit Ehrman: Cold Burn – mystery set on a stud farm
Lynn Hall: Dragon series – story of the foundation stallion of the Pony of the Americas
Elinore Havers: The Merrymarch Ponies – Simon and Phillipa discover the Merrymarch Stud whilst on holiday
Eleanor Hoffman: The Tall Stallion  horse and cattle breeding in California
Patrick Lawson: Star Crossed Stallion and sequels – an Arabian stallion at stud
Anne McCaffrey: The Lady – the story of stud owner, Michael Carradyne
Elizabeth Bleecker Meigs: Blue Palomino – Susannah (eventually) opens a stud farm
Mary O’Hara: Flicka and Thunderhead series – the trials and tribulations of earning a living breeding horses
H M Peel: Leysham Stud series – Ann and Jim have a super-successful stud with all kinds of riding horses
Joyce Stranger: Breed of Giants – problems with a Shire breeding operation
Joyce Stranger: Zara  Zara the Thoroughbred mare is supposed to restore the fortunes of her owner’s stud
Eli B Toresen: Dangerous Summer – based on a family stud farm
Carol Vaughan: The Dancing Horse – adventure comes to a family’s stud farm
Elizabeth Waud: Easter Meeting – four children holiday on their aunt’s stud
Mel Wayne: The Horse on Ben Awe – two brothers try to start a breeding operation in Scotland