Six Ponies

This is a story about the horses in the valley at Honeyvale: Bear the black Shetland, Colonel the bay hunter, and a chestnut filly called Katharina. Told from the point of view of the horses, we hear their conversations with each other.

Printing history
Collins, 1946, illus Anne Bullen
Armada, 1971 and 1979
Swift, 1987
Fidra, pb, 2007
eBook, Jane Badger Books, 2019

The West Barsetshire Pony Club are given six New Forest ponies to break in. The six members who have the ponies are a very varied lot: from Noel who agonises over everything, to Richard who couldn’t care less, and Evelyn and June who are convinced they know it all. Not everything goes to plan by a long way.

The Noel and Henry series
Six Ponies
Pony Club Team
The Radney Riding Club
One Day Event
Pony Club Camp

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Josephine Pullein-Thompson