Short stories: Monica Edwards

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Short stories

Irresponsible Rescue
Collins Magazine, 1948, , illus Anne Bullen, reprinted in Collins Annual

Serena Bathover’s Horses
Collins Magazine, 1948,  illus Molly Wilson
Reprinted Collins Magazine Annual, 1949

A Sort of Miracle
Collins Children’s Annual, 1952, illus Sheila Rose

Such a Pony was Gipsy
Collins Children’s Annual, 1953, illus Maurice Tulloch

The Horse That Came From the Sea
By Special Request, ed Noel Streatfeild, Collins, 1953

Sure Magic
Pony Club Annual no. 6, 1955, illus Raymond Sheppard
It’s sure magic, to wish where a foal has been born. Paul finds the place where Calluna’s foal has been born, and finds something very unexpected indeed.

The Telegram
Collins Girls’ Annual, 1955 , illus Sheila Rose
Crackerjack Book for Girls

The Champions
Wilfred Pickles Gift Book, Chambers, 1959, illus James Hunt

The Bird in the Hand
Collins Children’s Annual, 1959

The Great Horse
Pony Club Annual, no 11, 1960, illus William Stobbs
An historical story, telling the story of a horse during the Civil War.

Caesar’s Fire
Collins Children’s Annual, 1963, illus Eric Wade









Monica Edwards