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Short stories: Dorian Williams

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My Favourite Horse Stories (Edited by Dorian Williams)
Lutterworth Press, Guildford, 1968, hb
Beaver, London, pb, 1976, 158pp.

Monica Dickens – Horses and People (Cobbler’s Dream)
Con O Leary – The First Grand National (Grand National)
Shakespeare – Henry V, Act iii, Scene 7
Ivan Turgenev – Makle Adel (A Sportsman’s Notebook)
Susan Chitty – Our Gymkhana (My Life and Horses)
Richard Harris Barham – The Smuggler’s Leap (The Ingoldsby Legends)
Dick Francis – Anything Long and Sharp (Flying Finish)
John Hislop – A Ride at Sandown (Far From a Gentleman)
Roy Campbell – -The Zebras (Adamastor)
R C Lyle – The Old Firm (Brown Jack)
Leo Tolstoy – The Invasion (War and Peace)
G K Chesterton – The Donkey (The Wild Knight and Other Poems)
Dorian Williams – Point-to-Point (Pancho)
R S Surtees – Mr Jorrocks at Newmarket (Jorrocks’s Jaunts and Jollities)
R J Richardson – The Haunted Hunt (The Haunted Hunt)







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