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Schools and ponies

Books covering schools where pupils ride.


Schools and ponies are a sometimes uneasy joining of genres.

Gillian Baxter: Jump for Joy – Bobby is sent away to school with her cousin
Lauren Brooke: Chestnut Hill series – the adventures of a group of girls at a smart American school
Jessica Burkhart: Canterwood Crest series – American series set at an elite academy where pupils train for national teams
Peggie Cannam: Riding for Ridge Abbey, Musical Ride
Joanna Cannan: I Wrote a Pony Book – Alison, while at school, writes a pony book
Fiona Citroen: Applegate – girl inherits and runs riding school
Babette Cole: Fetlock Hall series – school plus unicorns
Victoria Eveleigh: Midnight on Lundy – Jenny must leave the island and the ponies she loves to go to school on the mainland
Phillis Garrard: Hilda series – not a lot of pony content; a New Zealand girl’s experiences at school
Mary Gervaise: Georgia series – Georgia goes to The Grange, a school where you ride
Mary Gervaise: Farthingale series – another school plus ponies series
Mary Gervaise: Belinda Rides to School  Belinda takes on school
Stacey Gregg: Pony Club rivals series – a girl’s adventures at an elite American equestrian academy
Alison Hart: Riding Academy series – set at a boarding school with equestrian sports
Joan Houston: Crofton Meadows – Sheila is offered a scholarship to a smart school
A D Langholm/Alan Davidson: Queen Rider – Bonnie is proud of being thrown out of school after school
K M Peyton: Who Sir? Me Sir? – a comprehensive school tries to do the Tetrathlon against considerable odds
Christine Pullein-Thompson: Riders on the March, They Rode to Victory – a comprehensive school has a riding school attached
Nancy Saxon: Panky series – adventures of a girl at an American riding school
Rose-Mary Silvester: Cousins at the Manor School – two girls from South Africa struggle to adapt to an English school
Constance White: Ponies at Westways, Nutmeg Comes to Westways – Susan’s adventures at a school which has ponies
Ursula Moray Williams: No Ponies for Miss Pobjoy – a pony-mad school resists change