Riding with the Lyntons

Lesley and her family move to the country and it looks as if she will find everything she wants out of life: friends, a dog, and even a pony. But then there is a tragic accident, for which Lesley gets the blame, and everything goes wrong.

Publishing history
Collins, London, 1956, illus Sheila Rose
Collins Pony Library, 1973
Armada, 1963 and 1982
eBook, Epona Publishing, 2019

This was the first pony book I ever bought (in the dung brown Armada version below). I loved that book. Lesley moves to the country with her parents, and is friendless until she meets the Lynton family. They get on well until there is a terrible disaster with one of the Lynton’s ponies. They blame Lesley, and for a while everything looks very bleak indeed.

Other editions


Diana Pullein-Thompson