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Riding Schools

A listing of horse and pony stories set at riding schools, and in some joyous cases, where children set up their own riding schools.


 Ah, the riding school. If you weren’t going to achieve the glories of pony-owning, you could still dream of an actual riding lesson. There is a little subset of these stories where the children have to take over the running of the school after disaster overtakes the owner.

Samantha Alexander: Riding School series  series set at the Brook House Riding School
Patricia Baldwin: Ricky at the Riding School  working at a riding school
Gillian Baxter: Bracken Farm series  Bobby and Guy and the Bracken Farm stables
Judith M Berrisford: Ten Ponies and Jackie – Jackie and Babs help teenage Terry with his riding school
Claire Birch: Galloping Detective series – detective series set in a riding school
Joanna Cannan: More Ponies for Jean  Jean grows up and starts a riding school
Primrose Cumming: Silver Eagle Riding School series – the Chantry girls start a riding school
Christine Dickenson: Dark Horse  a riding school set in an urban location
Jean Slaughter Doty: The Crumb, The Monday Horses – American riding school life
Lilias Edwards: A Stable to Let – Cherry learns useful lessons for life at the riding school
Anne Emery: Scarlet Gold – a mother and her daughters set up a riding school to make money
Allison Estes: Short Stirrup Club series – series set at a riding school training children for competition
Jo Furminger: Blackbirds series – a group of children have a club centred around a local riding school
D Glyn Forest: Elmwood Hall  Terence and Bridget put on a circus to raise funds
Patsey Gray: Jumping Jack  children working in riding stables
Catherine Harris: If Wishes Were Ponies – Prue is thrilled when a riding school starts up locally
Veronica Heath: Susan’s Riding School – career novel, in which Susan works in a riding school
Carolyn Henderson: Grey Ghost – Corinne’s riding school is threatened with closure
Joan Houston: Jump Shy and Horse Show Hurdles  two girls’ adventures in a riding school
Selma Hudnut: A Horse of Her Own and Irish Hurdles  children work in riding schools
Dorothy VS Jackson: Bold Venture (aka The Bluebird)  Joanna works at a stables to afford keep for her horse
Patricia Leitch: To Save a Pony – a family move to Scotland and start a riding school
Jill Maughan: Deceivers  a riding school owner who is a tad unhinged
Barbara Morgenroth: Nicki and Wynne – Nicki spends a summer at a riding stable
C Northcote Parkinson: Ponies Plot  a riding school is to close and the ponies plot their future
K M Peyton: Swallow series – a struggling riding school
Katie Price: Perfect Ponies series – girls’ adventures in Vicki’s Riding School
Christine Pullein-Thompson: Riding School series – children’s adventures based around a riding school
Christine Pullein-Thompson: Riders on the March/We Rode to Victory – a riding school based around a comprehensive school
Christine Pullein-Thompson: The Second Mount – David and Pat start a riding school
Janet Randall: Saddles for Breakfast – Robin takes a holiday job at her cousin’s riding academy in California
Alexa Romanes: The Gift Horse  Kelsie trains to be a riding instructor
Sylvia Scott-White: Ten Week Stables, Pony Pageant – two girls start up a stables
Don Stanford: The Horsemasters – a group take the Horsemasters course
Kim Ablon Whitney: The Perfect Distance – daughter of the stable manager struggles
Margaret Stanley Wrench: The Rival Riding Schools – a smart new riding school’s arrival threatens an established stable 

Children Running a Riding School

Gillian Baxter: Horses and Heather  the riding school owner has been taken into hospital, so the children step in
Elinore Havers: Dream Pony
Ruby Ferguson: A Stable for Jill  Jill and friends start a riding stable
Ruby Ferguson: Jill Has Two Ponies – Jill and friends run Mrs Darcy’s riding school while she is ill
Justine Furminger: Bobbie Takes the Reins  an aunt is taken into hospital and the children step into the breach
Patricia Leitch: Afraid to Ride  an aunt is taken into hospital, so her nieces and nephews step in