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Riding clubs

Books covering riding clubs.

Riding clubs seem to be started (by British children at least; I haven’t tracked down many of the American variety yet) by children in despair at the dreadful quality of their riding. As the Pony Club is so ubiquitous, that probably explains why these stories are relatively thin on the ground, the Pony Club providing organised and adult-led improvement.

Gabi Adam: Diablo – the Bequest – the Western riding club should have been fun…
Vivian Dubrovin: A Chance to Win – when the only Riding Club is English-Style, Vickie starts her own Western one
Ruby Ferguson: Jill’s Riding Club  Ann suggests Jill starts a riding club, so she does
Catherine Harris: We Started a Riding Club – a family of children start a riding club to improve their riding
Elinore Havers: The Surprise Riding Club – Sarah and her friends start a club to improve their riding
Carolyn Keene: The Riding Club Crime – a Nancy Drew mystery
Leslie King: A Horse from the Moor – a group of children start a riding club
Patricia Leitch: Riding Course Summer  two girls in despair at their dreadful riding start a riding club
Christine Leslie: Four Start a Riding Club – in which four young riders start a riding club
Kathleen Mackenzie: Minda – Minda joins a riding club, but it causes trouble when she turns out to be the best rider
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: The Radney Riding Club – Noel and Henry start a riding club
Ann Sheldon: The Riding Club – a Linda Craig mystery
D A Young: Ponies in Secret  two children find the local riding club not particularly welcoming