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Pony Trekking

A listing of horse and pony books that cover pony trekking.


There is so very much that can go wrong on a pony trekking holiday, and go wrong it does in the pony book.

M E Atkinson: Horseshoes and Handlebars – are bikes or ponies better?
Judith M Berrisford: Jackie and the Pony Trekkers – Jackie and Babs spread their inimitable cheer at a pony trekking centre
Judith M Berrisford: Pony Trekkers Go Home! – Pippa is spending three weeks at her Aunt Carol’s trekking centre
Hilda Boden: Pony Trek – a mother and her children trek from Wales home with two new ponies
June Crebbin: Riding High – Amber is on a three day pony trek
Primrose Cumming: Four Rode Home – four friends ride from the New Forest home to Kent
Primrose Cumming: The Mystery Trek –grief stricken Leonie is persuaded to lead a trek
Lucy Daniels: Foal in the Fog – Mandy goes trekking in Devon and gets lost in the fog.
Ruby Ferguson: Jill’s Pony Trek  Jill and friends go on a pony trek
Jo Furminger: Blackbirds’ Pony Trek
Sue Garnett: The Ponies of Swallowdale Farm – a trekking stable helps a girl who is miserable when she has to move
Mary Gervaise: The Secret of Pony Pass  not a lot of trekking (in fact none) but the book is set at a trekking centre
Catherine Harris: To Horse and Away – the Marsham family have an adventurous ride back to their farm from Wales
Elinore Havers: The Great Pony Mystery – caravanning and riding
Veronica Heath: Come Pony Trekking with Me – fictionalised advice on pony trekking
Bernadette Kelly: Pony Trek – Australian story of pony trekking
Patricia Leitch: Highland Pony Trek – a family start a trekking centre
Patricia Leitch: Chestnut Gold  Jinny and Shantih go on a pony trek and get mixed up in filming
Rolf Lengstrand and Pierre L Rolén: The Long Pony Trek – a Swedish Pony Club does trekking
Jane MacIlwaine: Pony Trekking Summer  children help out at the local trekking centre
Margaret MacPherson: Ponies for Hire – a family start a small trekking operation to keep their farm going
Diana Mitchener: Pony Trek Adventure
Gill Morrell: The Pony Trek – Jess’s friend Rosie takes her on a pony trek
Jenny Oldfield: Wild Horses – Kirstie is leading a trek, but it doesn’t go well
MM Oliver and E Ducat: Ponies and Caravans  horse-drawn caravans as well
Jo Packer: Gymkhana Trek
E H Parsons: Quest for a Pony – caravan and riders
Christine Pullein-Thompson: Ride by Night
Christine Pullein-Thompson: We Rode to the Sea
Diana Pullein-Thompson: Ponies on the Trail
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Fear Treks the Moor
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Pony Club Trek
Lady Kitty Ritson: Tessa and the Rannoch Dude Ranch
Mary Sharp: Second-Best Pony – Becky’s trekking holiday should have been wonderful, but she lost a valuable pony.
Pat Smythe: A Swiss Adventure
Ann Stafford: Five Proud Riders: five children go on a trek to teach them self-reliance