Racing, in all its guises, crops up in many horse and pony stories.

Racing has produced a hefty share of children’s literature, as well as being the go-to of choice for many equestrians who embrace the literary world. 

Flat (UK)

H M Peel: Night Storm the Flat Racer – another in the Leysham Stud series, in which Ann and Jim produce a flat racer
K M Peyton: Dear Fred – historical story based around jockey Fred Archer
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Race Horse Holiday – rare excursion into adventure for the author
Rikki Patterson: Winner’s Luck

Flat (US)

C W Anderson: Another Man o’War
C W Anderson: A Filly for Joan
Glenn Balch: The Midnight Colt
Dana Faralla: The Magnificent Barb
Dana Faralla: Black Renegade
Walter Farley: the Black Stallion series
Logan Forster: Desert Storm
Logan Forster: The Mountain Stallion
Logan Forster: Tamarlane
Logan Forster: Revenge
Logan Forster: Run Fast, Run Far
Doris Gates: Little Vic
Patsey Gray: Doggone Roan
Patsey Gray: The Flag is Up
Marguerite Henry: Black Gold
Dorothy Lyons: Copper Khan
Dorothy Lyons: Blue Smoke  quarter horse racing 
Mary O’Hara: Green Grass of Wyoming
Mildred Pace: Old Bones, the Wonder Horse
Blanche Chenery Perrin: Born to Race
Newton Wilde: The Horse that Had Everything 


National Hunt

Samantha Alexander: Winners series
Enid Bagnold: National Velvet
Michael Callan: Jockey School
Moyra Charlton: Midnight Steeplechase
Ginny Elliot: Winning
Ginny Elliot: High Hurdle
Ginny Elliot: Race Against Time
Michael Hardcastle: The Saturday Horse
Marguerite Henry: King of the Wind
Ivor Herbert: Point to Point
Susan Millard: Against the Odds
H M Peel: Pilot the Chaser
H M Peel: Pilot the Hunter
K M Peyton: Blind Beauty
K M Peyton: The Sound of Distant Cheering
K M Peyton: The Last Ditch (US – Free Rein)
Vian Smith: Minstrel Boy
Vian Smith: The Lord Mayor’s Show
Vian Smith: The Horses of Petrock (US – A Second Chance)
Vian Smith: Pride of the Moor
Vian Smith: Green Heart

The Grand National

Samantha Alexander: Winners series
Enid Bagnold: National Velvet
Enid Michael: The Runaway National
K. M. Peyton: Blind Beauty
K. M. Peyton: The Last Ditch (US – Free Rein)

Point to Point

Mary Garland Bullivant: Fortune’s Foal
Esme Hamilton: Speedy
Pamela Macgregor Morris: Clear Round
Elizabeth Waud: Easter Meeting – a family of children stay at a stud farm and go to a point-to-point

Steeplechase (US)

C W Anderson: High Courage
C W Anderson: Bobcat
C W Anderson: Horse of Hurricane Hill
C W Anderson: Great Heart
C W Anderson: Phantom, Son of the Gray Ghost
Nancy Caffrey: Mig o’ the Moor
Jane McIlvaine: Copper’s Chance
Marjorie Reynolds: Dark Horse Barnaby
Sam Savitt: A Horse to Remember