Pony Club

The Pony Club is something that’s pivotal in many pony book plots, and here is a listing of books that include it.

The Pony Club is the source of many children’s experiences of ponies, and figures in pony books, though not as widely as you would expect. Perhaps this is because of the involvement of adults: the way the Pony Club is structured means there is always an adult on hand, which immediately lessens the possibility of children having adventure on their own.

V E Bannisdale: Riders from the Hills  adventures of a West of England Pony Club
Gillian Baxter: The Team from Low Moor  unsmart Pony Club does the Prince Philip Cup
Nancy Drew: The Riding Club Crime – Nancy sorts out shenanigans at the Pony Club
Jane Eliot: Pony Club Camp – a Pony Club in trouble gets help
D Glyn Forest: Martello Tower  second half of the book Pony Club orientated
Stacy Gregg: Pony Club Secrets series  the adventures of the New Zealand Chevalier Point series
Bernadette Kelly: Riding High series – Australian series about Annie Boyd and her local Pony Club
Patricia Leitch: Pony Club Rider  Sally dreams of being in the Pony Club team
Rolf Lengstrand and Pierre L Rolén: The Long Pony Race, Pony Club Through Smoke and Fire, The Long Pony Trek – the Pony Club in Sweden
Patience McElwee: Match Pair – Jane Howell finds the Pony Club something of a challenge…
Toy Martin: Taronga Road Riders series – series centred around the Pokey Creek Pony Club
K M Peyton: The Team – a Pony Club one day event
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Noel and Henry series – the adventures of the West Barsetshire Pony Club
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Woodbury Pony Club series
Diane Redmond: Pony Club series – Polly’s adventures as she moves from volunteer to accomplished rider
Lady Kitty Ritson: John and Jennifer’s Pony Club
Pamela Rogers: The Rag and Bone Pony  from rag and bone pony to Pony Club competition
Naomi Wainwright: The Island Pony Club – the Pony Club in Bermuda
Dorian Williams: Wendy at Wembley – Wendy takes part in the Pony Club Jorrocks display at Wembley

Prince Philip Cup

The Prince Philip Cup is competed for by Pony Club teams, who compete at ferocious speed in a series of gymkhana events.

Gillian Baxter: Team from Low Moor  the Low Moor Pony Club are poor relations on the Pony Club scene
Bernagh Brims: Red Rosette  Susan, David, Clare and Martin are aiming for the Prince Philip Cup
Pat Smythe: Three Jays go to Town – the Three Jays do the Prince Philip Cup