Publishing history
Collins Spitfire, London, 1967

A group of children, all with different problems with their ponies, go on a (small) Pony Club camp. Not everyone behaves well, but everything works out in the end, and all the members’ riding improves.

Patricia Leitch wrote four pony books under the name Jane Eliot. These were first issued as Collins Spitfire paperbacks: they are notable for being a lot smaller than the normal paperback format – a tiny 5.5 x 3.5 inches.

The title, unlike the others Patricia Leitch wrote for Collins Spitfire under the name Jane Eliot, did not reappear in the Collins Pony Library. Collins published Josephine Pullein-Thompson’s Pony Club Camp, and perhaps they felt two books with the same title would be too much of a good thing.