Ponies in the Luggage

Aunt Tina invites Nicklas and Anneli for a holiday in Copenhagen. Once there, they manage to win a pony in the Zoo’s lottery, and then have to keep the pony in their hotel, and smuggle him back to their home in Stockholm, without letting anyone know they have him.

Publishing history
Original title: Me Lill-Klas i Kappsächen, Stockholm, Bonnier, 1965

As Ponies in the Luggage
Dent, London, 1968, trans Anne Parker, illus Richard Kennedy, 139 pp.
Puffin Books, pb, 1972, trans Anne Parker, illus Richard Kennedy, 137 pp.

As Pony Surprise
Harcourt & Brace, New York, 1968, illus Richard Kennedy, 130pp.

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