Ponies for Children

Mr Bynner is writing a book about ponies, and this is all combined with a rather unlikely adventure.

Publishing history
Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1962

The blurb:

“The Bynner family loved ponies, and Mr. Bynner was writing a book all about Ponies for Children, and this was the centre of life at Stretton House. That is, until the day when the strange old man holding a gun was found in the greenhouse among the vines. But although he carried a deadly looking revolver, the Professor turned out to the the kindest and most humble of people. He stayed on at Stretton House to meet Nandi and her brother; the Vicarage Twins (who were also pony experts); and Rusk, the bearded T.V. Producer. By the end of the book they were all experts on ponies and knew all about buying and feeding, training and illnesses – indeed everything any boy and girl should or could know about ponies for children.”






Cledwyn Hughes