A listing of horse and pony books that cover polo.


Playing polo at the top levels is extraordinarily expensive, even in the horse world, where competing in any discipline is tricky for those without much money. Although polo is played in some Pony Clubs, it is nowhere near as widespread as other equine sports. There seem to be more American books which feature polo as just one amongst a number of things a horse does.

Jane and Paul Annixter: The Runner – Clem believes a roan colt can be trained as a polo pony
Kitty Barne: Rosina Copper:  – a former star polo pony is rescued
M E Buckingham: Phari: the Story of a Tibetan Pony – Phari the Bhutan pony plays polo (amongst other things)
Jilly Cooper: Polo – shenanigans and sex in the world of polo
Shirley Faulkner-Horne: Pat and her Polo Pony – Pat is determined to train her pony to be a star polo pony for her father
Howard L Hastings: Top Horse of Crescent Ranch – a colt numbers polo amongst his many talents
Clarence Hawkes: Patches, a Wyoming Cow Pony Larry’s pinto plays polo, races and rounds up cattle
Selma Hudnut: Irish Hurdles  Rosemary’s uncle teaches her to play polo
M A James: Rollo, a Pony – an orphaned colt becomes a top notch polo pony
Rudyard Kipling: The Maltese Cat – the uber polo story, a horses’ eye view of the match
Dorothy Lyons: Red Embers – a horse van breakdown means more people to play polo with
Colonel S P Meek: Frog, the Horse that Knew No Master  Lieutenant Scott turns the outlaw horse into a polo pony
Paddy Miles and Rosemary Griffin: The Ponies Loved it Too – polo played with hockey sticks (minimal polo content!)
H M Peel: Dido and Rogue – Dido turns out to have talents as a polo pony
Joan Penny: Melka – Melka plays polo and jumps
James Robert Richard: Joker the Polo Pony
Sir John Smyth: Ann series – minimal polo content: island paradise on which they live includes polo grounds
Duane Yarnell: Polo Boys