Patricia Leitch: Highland Pony Trek

Originally published: 1964
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This is one of my favourite Patricia Leitch titles, and you can see in it the genesis of the later Gill in Dream of Fair Horses and Jinny in the Jinny books. And there are plenty of Highland ponies, of course, and that never hurts.

I hope you like the Highland on the cover. I quite deliberately didn’t use the original cover for this book as it seems more appropriate for a jolly, pony girl-type adventure than one where the heroine’s problems include battling with her own character.


If you enjoy Patricia Leitch’ s pony stories then you’ll probably enjoy this one. Some lovely concise descriptions of the Scottish Highlands and a story that moves along quite nicely.
Dawn, Amazon

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Publishing history
Collins, London, 1964, cover Geoffrey Whittam
Collins Seagull, London

Earlier editions

Author: Patricia Leitch