Pat Smythe’s non fiction

A listing of Pat Smythe’s non fiction.

Jump for Joy, Cassell, 1954
Pat Smythe’s Book of Horses, Cassell, 1955
One Jump Ahead, Cassell, 1956
Tosca and Lucia, Cassell, 1958
Horses and Places, Cassell, 1959
Florian’s Farmyard, Cassell, 1962
Jumping Round the World, Cassell, 1962
Flanagan My Friend, Cassell, 1963
Bred To Jump, Cassell, 1965
Show Jumping, Cassell, 1967
A Pony For Pleasure, Cassell 1969, illus Fiona Hughes
Pony Problems, Cassell 1971, illus Fiona Hughes
Leaping Life’s Fences, Sportsman’s Press, 1992

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