Pamela Whitlock: Short stories

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Pamela Whitlock:  Catsmeat Pony
Pony Club Annual, 1950, illus Joan Wanklyn
Ron and Marty have come from a town and now live on Dartmoor. Marty befriends a Dartmoor pony, whom she calls Boney, because she is, and she is always on the outside of the herd. Marty finds out the ponies are going to be round up and sold, and she is convinced Boney will be sold for catsmeat unless she and Ron can catch her first.

Pamela Whitlock: Phantom and Patch
Collins Magazine Annual Volume 5  1952, illus Anne Grahame Johnstone
“A story of the golden world of the imagination”

Pamela Whitlock:  The Great Desire
Pony Club Annual no. 5, 1954
Elizabeth wants a pony of her own: a foal, and she intends to try and buy one at the farm sale.

Pamela Whitlock:  Rare Bridget
Pony Club Annual 12, 1961, illus Margery Gill
Jane’s ambition is to race, so she is seriously miffed to be given slow Biddy to ride.

















Katharine Hull & Pamela Whitlock