Printing history
Jonathan Cape, London, 1939, illus Pamela Whitlock
Macmillan, New York, 1940, illus Charles E Pont
New Adventure Library, 1963
Children’s Book Club

Another summer holiday on Exmoor: “The camp at Peran-Wisa burns and has to be rebuilt. The children enter into the summer activities at Cloud Farm. They help with hay-making and a rat hunt.
They watch sheep dog trials. They join a scavenger hunt in the village, make new friends and win prizes. When Maurice manages to buy, at a local auction, a Persian dagger that they all want, and dashes off with it, there follow days of wild pursuit with much baffling scheming on both sides. The adventure story ends with the Clevertons arriving and Maurice disappearing.”

The Oxus series
The Far Distant Oxus
Escape to Persia
Oxus in Summer

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Katharine Hull & Pamela Whitlock