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Overcoming nerves

A listing of horse and pony books that cover getting over nerves.


There can be few riders who have not felt a flicker of fear at some time during their riding career. For some, that fear is all-encompassing, and the attempt to overcome it, and do what they love most, makes the struggle of the heroes and heroines of the following books more than ordinarily attractive.

C W Anderson: Afraid to Ride – after an accident Judy is afraid to ride
Nancy Caffrey: Pony Duet
Sheila Chapman: Pony from Fire – Yoland is petrified of horses after an accident show jumping
Primrose Cumming: The Mystery Trek  Leonie has her grief to overcome (not nerves, but still…)
Angela Dorsey: Freedom’s Echo – Haily is afraid of horses until she meets Freedom
Monica Edwards: Rennie Goes Riding  Rennie longs to have a career with horses, but has a lot to overcome before she can
Jane Eliot/Patricia Leitch: Afraid to Ride: until she meets Diggory, Jill is petrified of horses
Shirley Faulkner-Horne: Pat and her Polo Pony – Pat is initially frightened of horses when she goes to stay with her horsy aunt
Janice Gray: A Credit to the Family  Nikki is terrified of horses, but her family are not
Adele de Leeuw: Blue Ribbons for Meg  Meg is afraid of horses
Patricia Leitch: To Save a Pony  Jane has to overcome her fear of jumping if she is to save a neglected pony
Alice O’Connell: Pamela and the Blue Mare  Pamela is afraid of horses, though her family are heavily involved with them
Pamela Rogers: The Rag and Bone Pony – Brian is afraid, but Brownie the rag and bone pony helps him overcome his fear
Joyce Stranger: Midnight Magic – Mandy has lost her nerve after a fall
Sharon Wagner: Gypsy from Nowhere