On’y Tony and the Dragon

On’y Tony’s further adventures.

Publishing history
Country Life, London, 1938, illus Barbara Turner
Reprinted Junior Country Life Library, 1938

“In ON’Y TONY AND THE DRAGON we read about On’y Tony’s birthday and how the most marvellous present actually came to live with him and how he met with the Dragon [a boy] and through him did a great many very naughty things. But, as On’y Tony’s mother says at the end, it is rather difficult to see how he could have helped doing them and the story ends happily, with On’y Tony thinking quite cheerfully of school because the Dragon and Crackers and Pickle and the wonderful present and probably old Brown will all be there too.”

The On’y Tony Series
On’y Tony
On’y Tony’s Circus
On’y Tony and the Dragon

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