A listing of horse and pony books that cover the pinnacle of equine achievement, the Olympics.

The Olympics are the summit of many riders’ ambitions, and so they do of course feature in horse and pony literature, though not as much as one might think. This is probably a reflection of the age of most pony book characters: a 14 year old doing Olympic level sport is not terribly likely.

Jilly Cooper: Riders – shenanigans, sex, horses and the Los Angeles Olympics
Brian Forbes: International Velvet  Velvet Brown’s niece is determined to ride son-of-Pie in the Olympics
Dick Francis: Trial Run – Randall Drew is sent to Moscow to investigate a threat to an Olympic rider’s safety
Barbara May: Five Circles
Dorothy Lyons: Smoke Rings – American Olympic trials story
Lauraine Snelling: High Hurdles series – helped by God, a teenage girl wants to ride in the Olympics
Lyndon Stacey: Deadfall – Lincoln Tremayne is determined to ride in the Olympic Three Day Event
Alison Estes: Gold Medal Mystery – the twins’ trainer is riding at the Olympics
Alice O’Connell: The Blue Mare in the Olympic Trials – Pam wants to try out for the Olympic team
Pat Smythe: Three Jays Go to Rome – the Three Jays hit Rome during the Olympics
John Richard Young: Olympic Horseman – Don trains his horses for eventing