Publishing history
Collins, London, 1954,  illus Geoffrey Whittam
Children’s Book Club, 1956
Armada, pb, 1964
Collins Pony Library, 1972
Girls Gone By, 2005

Foot and mouth threatens the Marsh, and the Merrows’ farm is threatened.  After they end up staying there,  Tamzin and Rissa et al find they have to run the farm and patrol the boundaries.

Other editions

Romney Marsh Series (Reading Order)
Wish for a Pony
Summer of the Great Secret
The Midnight Horse
The White Riders
Cargo of Horses
Strangers to the Marsh
Hidden in a Dream
No Entry
The Nightbird
Storm Ahead
Operation Seabird
(Storm Ahead – the end)
No Going Back
The Hoodwinkers
Dolphin Summer
A Wind is Blowing






Monica Edwards