My Friend Flicka

Can Ken save his filly, Flicka?

Printing history
US editions
J B Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1941. Not illustrated, cover by Cosgrove
Popular edition (with pink covers, no wraparound illustration)
HarperFestival Charming Classics edition, 2003, 346 pp. Cover Dave Kramer

UK editions
Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1943, illus Charles Tunnicliffe
Dragon Books, London, 1966, parts 1 and 2
Dragon Books, London, 1980s part 2 only
Methuen, 1974
Isis (Large Print), 1986
Mammoth, pb, 1989, illus Charles Tunnicliffe
Dean, 1994
Egmont, 2004


Ken is a dreamer; he achieves nothing and infuriates his capable and not always understanding father Rob. Nell, Ken’s mother, persuades Rob to give Ken a colt to help him to grow up. Rob allows this, and Ken chooses Flicka, a colt out of one of the hellion mares sired by the Albino, a rogue wild horse. Flicka is terribly injured trying to escape from captivity, and as he nurses her, both Ken and Flicka change. There are many ups and downs, and at the end it seems as though Flicka, lying in a frozen stream, must die.

Other editions

US editions


UK editions