Marjorie Mary Oliver & Eva Ducat: Ponies and Caravans

Although published during World War II, in this book the only dark clouds are little ones, and they soon blow over. There’s a journey down to Dartmoor to buy some of the best Dartmoor ponies in the country. The charmed world in this book has a particular poignancy when you realise its earliest readers were living a life of rationing, bombing raids and the threat of invasion. Ponies and Carvans must have seemed like a glimpse into another, and kindlier world.

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This trilogy is gorgeous. Beautifully written. Swallows and Amazons with ponies instead of sailing dingies. (MD)

Of its time in writing style the book starts with a very appealing cover and then there’s a good mix of characters and an interesting storyline. This is the third book of a trilogy but each can be read as a stand alone story, and of the three I personally like this one the best. Recommended. (Dawn)

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Publishing history
Country Life, London, 1941 (with Eva Ducat)
Country Life Junior Library, London, date uncertain
Jane Badger Books, 2020

Bob and Phyllis Russell go to stay with their uncle, a vet who lives near Bunts. They sleep in a caravan a grateful patient left in their uncle’s garden. At nearby Bunts, Miss Fairfax and her sister Miss Margaret learn that all of Sir Thomas Whishaw’s stud of Dartmoor ponies is to be sold – the best Dartmoors inEngland, and what they’ve wanted all their lives. Neither can leave their farms, so Jenefer and Diana and John take a caravan, and the Russells and their caravan, and go to the sale.

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Author: Marjorie Mary Oliver and Eva Ducat