Jump to the Stars

Bobby and her cousin Ellen go away to school. Bobby finds a riding school, which leads to major changes in her life.

Publishing history
Evans, London, 1957, 192 pp, illus Anne Gordon (reprint, 1961)
Dragon, London, pb, 1967, 157 pp.
Dragon, London, pb, 1978, 158 pp.

Roberta (Bobby) lives with her aunt, uncle, and cousin Ellen. They go to Bracken House School, and ride once a week. Bobby soon finds Bracken Stables, disapproved of by her school. Guy, the proprietor, buys a mare Bobby used to ride – Shelta. Then Bobby’s horrible aunt, Helen, buys Shelta but treats her terribly, and then sends her to a sale when she is lame.  At the last moment, Bobby manages to buy her.

The Bracken Stables series
Jump to the Stars
The Difficult Summer
The Perfect Horse
Love and Horses at Bracken

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Gillian Baxter