Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Short stories

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Cocktail Capitulates
Riding Magazine, January, 1941, written with Diana and Christine
A ruined pony is rehabilitated.

The Road to Ruin
Riding Magazine, Summer, 1942, written with Diana and Christine
A pony goes to the bad.

If I Had That Pony
Collin’s Children’s Annual, undated, possibly 1950s.

The Failure
The Pony Club Annual 1966, Max Parrish & Co, 1965, illus Sheila Rose
Philippa hates her sisters: they are successful and she is not.

The Mock Hunt
The Pony Club Annual 1967, Max Parrish & Co, 1966, illus Joan Wanklyn

The Trek
The Pony Club Annual 1969, Purnell, 1968, illus Sally Webb

A Horrible Horsy Daughter
The Pony Club Annual 1971, Purnell, 1970, illus Janet Johnstone
Horse and Pony Stories, ed Janet Barber, Sundial Books Ltd, London, 1979

The Scavenger Hunt
The Pony Club Annual 1972, Purnell, 1971, illus Janet Johnstone
Christine Pullein-Thompson’s Book of Pony Stories, Piccolo, London, 1975
Clare is in a foul mood when she starts off for the Scavenger Hunt.

The Birdwatcher of Beacon Hill
The Pony Club Annual 1973, Purnell, 1972,  illus Sian Williams
The Datchett family move to the country.

Proud Riders: Horse and Pony Stories
Brockhampton, Leicester, 1973

A short story collection edited by Josephine Pullein-Thompson.

Chop and Change
The Pony Club Annual 1974, Purnell, 1973, illus Sally Webb
The Best of Pony Club Stories, Purnell & Sons, London, 1978
A pony’s eye view of a Pony Club rally.

Bound to Fail
Pony Magazine Annual 1975, illus Christine Bousfield
Will Pippa fail C test yet again?

Bone of Contention
The Pony Club Annual 1976, Purnell, 1975, illus Sally Bell
A local footpath becomes an issue.

Oh, Cobweb, How Could You!
The Pony Club Annual 1983, Purnell, 1982, illus Christine Bousfield
Horse & Pony Stories, a Thoroughbred Collection, 1992
Cobweb stops jumping, but it turns out there is a valid reason!

The Pullein-Thompson Treasury of Horse and Pony Stories
Award, 1995, illus Eric Rowe

I’ll Never Pass
The Runaway Boy
The Failure
Ebony Joins the Circus
The Race
The Storm
Oh Cobweb, How Could You?
The Trek