Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Prince among Ponies

Adonis was so beautiful he must surely be a prince among ponies… But he is not. At least, that’s what Sara and Patrick are told when they go to visit the Merrimans, who own Adonis. The pony spends his life in a field, but Patrick and Sara are convinced that he is not the rogue he is painted. The only way they can think of to rehabilitate Adonis without horrifying every adult around is to ride him in secret, and that brings its own problems.

Note: the paperback is fully illustrated, with all the original Charlotte Hough drawings. The eBook is not illustrated.

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I’ve been re-reading my old favourite pony stories on Kindle Unlimited and I came across this one – I can’t believe I missed this one as a child! This is a classic Pullein-Thompson story about nice pony-mad children and a lovely, lively pony, Adonis, who has gained a bad reputation as a bolter. I’d recommend this for children and nostalgic adults alike. (M Rabanal)

It was so lovely to reread a favourite book from my childhood. Thank you for making it available and leaving me with happy memories. (Gillian F)

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Printing history
Collins, London, 1952, illus Charlotte Hough
Collins Seagull Library, 1962
Armada, London, 1970, 1978
Jane Badger Books, 2020

Earlier editions



Author: Josephine Pullein-Thompson