Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Pony Club Cup

No one likes the Woodbury Pony Club, not even its members. They’re so awful, they don’t think they’re up to entering the competition for second division pony clubs like them. And then they get a new District Commissioner – but what can an ex-jockey teach them and their terrible ponies? Quite a lot, it turns out, if you’re prepared to be open minded. Wild, whirling Jupiter and his hapless owner Hanif, and ewe-necked Saffron, grudgingly hired for Alice for the holidays by her aunt, can be improved. There is hope. They might even be able to enter for the cup …

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…one of the best pony stories I’ve ever read, especially for young aspiring riders! J, on Amazon

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Printing history
Armada Original, London, 1983
Jane Badger Books, 2020

Woodbury Pony Club series
Pony Club Cup
Pony Club Challenge
Pony Club Trek

Earlier editions

Author: Josephine Pullein-Thompson