Josephine Pullein-Thompson: All Change

The Conways have lived at Charnworth all their lives, and they love it. They love the farm, and the estate where their father is the land agent. But now Lord Charnworth has died, and the estate has been sold to a Mr Smithson, a financier from the city. The family know that things can’t possibly stay the same, but Mr Smithson seems determined to listen to strident modernising voices, and not their father, and the relationship between him and Mr Conway deteriorates by the day. But the Conways are determined to fight back, with the help of their mysterious new friend, Nick.

Originally published: 1961

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Brings back memories of a different era. Brilliant characters and a good simple storyline. Wish there had been a follow on book. GF

Take a well paced storyline that centres on the rescue of an old cow called Carmen by the five wonderfully vivid Conway siblings Add in a strong supporting cast of characters (equine, human and Storm), Throw in a liberal dollop of humour with the occasional sprinkle of dismay, concern, excitement and sadness and you’ll have a cracker of a book. One of Josephine Pullein Thompson’s best stories. I’d not read it before and thoroughly enjoyed it from the very attractive cover to the end. DT

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Author: Josephine Pullein-Thompson