Josephine Pullein-Thompson: A Job with Horses

Glorious, simply glorious. (Amazon review Mar 2022)

It’s always been the two of them: just Kate and her mother. But now her mother has remarried, and has a new baby. Kate is happy about none of this. She’s offered a job at a castle being in sole charge of children’s ponies, and horses used for jousting. Kate has the normal sort of worries anyone has about their first job: will she cope? Will the children like her? This book has all the Pullein-Thompson technical detail you expect as Kate teaches three children who’ve taught themselves to ride that there is a Better Way, as well as schooling the horses used for jousting.

Combining solid horse detail with adventure, this is the last fictional title Josephine Pullein-Thompson wrote, and it’s one of her best.

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Glorious, simply glorious. A variety of characters, a touch of romance, villains, amazing food and (as always) very sensible horse knowledge woven throughout. Highly recommended for nostalgic older readers, who never did grow out of horses no matter how often we were told we would… the perfect introduction for a younger reader to the joy of JPT. (Yvonne, Amazon review)

Something a little different to the more usual vintage pony story – and its an excellent read. It’s got pretty much everything – interesting characters (human and equine), an exploration of relationships, a hint of romance and an adventure that canters along nicely with a couple of twists along the way. I think this could appeal to anyone who enjoys pony stories, from about 10 years old upwards (it’s a long time since I was 10 years old but I thoroughly enjoyed this story). (Dawn, Amazon review)

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Printing history
J.A. Allen, London, 1994, illus Jennifer Bell

Earlier editions

Author: Josephine Pullein-Thompson