Janet, Young Rider

Janet promises her parents she will get a sensible job. She doesn’t.


Janet has promised her parents she will go for a steady job (i.e. something not horse-related) at the end of the summer holidays. During the holidays she helps out at a riding school, but after a horrible accident to the owner, she has to take on much more responsibility than she bargained for. Jim’s stay in hospital means Janet also gets to ride horse of her dreams, Meridian, even though at first this doesn’t go well.

Janet, Young Rider was published under two other titles: A Horse for the Holidays and Last Summer to Ride. 

Publishing history
Constable, London, 1963, 176 pp, cover Douglas Hall
As Last Summer To Ride, Funk & Wagnalls, 1963, cover Joseph Cellini
As A Horse for the Holidays, Armada, London

Other editions


Year published

London, 1963


Leitch, Patricia