Jacky Jumps to the Top

The pony Jacky rides has to be sold when the riding school closes: Jacky’s been promised she can jump Flicka but it looks as if it’ll come to nothing when Celia buys the pony.

This book was written as part of a four-book commission for Collins’s Spitfire books imprint, under the author name Jane Eliot. Jacky was later reprinted (and I think expanded) in the Collins Pony Library.

Jacky has been promised that she can jump the black mare Flicka, but then Miss Henderson has to sell up the riding school. Celia Grunter, who is certain to ruin Flicka, wants her too. At first, nothing seems as if it’s going Jacky’s way.

Publishing history
Collins Spitfire, London, pb, 1967, as Jane Eliot
Collins Pony Library, London, 1973
As Jump to the Top, Armada, London, pb, 1973

Other editions



Year published

London, 1967


Leitch, Patricia


Collins Spitfire