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Jackie the Pit Pony

Jackie, the pony from the Steppes, likes his own way.

Jackie is a pony from the Steppes: freedom means everything to him, and he refuses to be tamed by the farmer who owns him. And so he is sold to a man who owns a mine. Although he likes the mine owner’s daughter, he rebels again when he is set to work, but at least he realises there are other things in life besides the sun.

Publishing history
Originally published as Hänschen in der Grübe, Ensslin & Laiblin Verlag, Reutlingen
As Jackie the Pit PonyOxford University Press, London, 1958, illus Ulrik Schramm


Hans Baumann
Year published

English language edition: London, 1958


Ulrik Schramm


Baumann, Hans


Oxford University Press