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I’d Rather Not Gallop

It is time for Caroline to show The Small Hunter – ‘a nice horse, but not naughty’.



Publishing history
Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1975, illus Elizabeth Grant
Knight, 1979
eBook, Jane Badger Books, 2019

It is time for Caroline to show the small hunter – ‘a nice horse, but not naughty. Not deliberately so.’ An added problem is that Caroline’s cousins think that the best way to show the small hunter is sidesaddle, and so that’s what Caroline has to learn, under the tuition of Mr Marmalade, who ‘teaches all the best people’.

The Showing series
Caroline Canters Home
I’d Rather Not Gallop
If I Could Ride

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Caroline Akrill
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Elizabeth Grant


Akrill, Caroline


Hodder & Stoughton