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I Wanted a Pony

The classic girl-gets-pony story, in which Augusta through her own bravery earns the means to buy a pony, and through resourcefulness and grit, manages to make him a prize-winner.

Publishing history
Collins, London, 1946, illus Anne Bullen
Collins Junior Fontana, 1956
Collins, London, 1958
Collins Pony Library, 1973
Armada pb 1966, 1970s and 1980
eBook format, Jane Badger Books, 2019

Augusta and Christina series
I Wanted a Pony
A Pony to School
Three Ponies and Shannan
Only a Pony

I Wanted a Pony is Diana Pullein-Thompson’s first solo book and is the story of Augusta, who has no pony. She goes to stay with her pot-hunting, insensitive cousins (they really are deliciously foul) who patronise Augusta and are no help to her pony owning ambitions at all. At last, after a brave act, Augusta can buy her own pony, and she buys the grey Daybreak at a sale. At first all seems fine, but the moment she bridles him, he turns into a compulsive head shaker. Augusta does at last solve the problem and the show scene at the end where she confounds her cousins’ expectations of her is wonderful.

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Diana Pullein-Thompson

Year published

London, 1946


Anne Bullen


Pullein-Thompson, Diana