A listing of horse and pony books that cover hunting.

I’d be very surprised if hunting featured in a story published today in the UK; it would have to be hedged around with so many caveats. Before hunting with dogs became illegal, the hunt was a regular part of many children’s books.

Richard Ball: Hounds Will Meet
Rita Mae Brown: Sister Jane series – hunting in America
Moyra Charlton: Tally Ho
Moyra Charlton: Echoing Horn
Frances Duncombe: High Hurdles
Peter Emmens: Time to Kill  anti-hunting story
Antonia Forest: Peter’s Room  not a pony book but brilliant on the ambivalence the main character feels, as well as her nervousness. Buster the Thruster is a splendid portrait of a pony too
Esme Hamilton: Speedy
Eleanor Helme: Jerry: the Story of an Exmoor – a good hunt at the end
Janet Herron Hughes: The Frosty Filly
Elizabeth Harrover Johnson: The Old Quarry Fox Hunt – Charlie learns to ride and hunt
B L Kearley: Let’s Go Hunting – an instructional story about hunting
B K Kearley: Let’s Meet Again – dealing, horse rehabilitation and hunting
Dorothy Lyons: Pedigree Unknown
Jane McIlvaine: Cammie series
Christine Pullein-Thompson: A Day to Go Hunting  a day in the life of a hunt
Christine Pullein-Thompson: Chill Valley Hounds series  children start a pack
Sir John Smyth: Ann Goes Hunting  Ann and her brother fit hunting into their adventures
Veronica Westlake: The Intruders