A listing of horse and pony books where humour rears its head.

The Jill series by Ruby Ferguson, and the Noel and Henry series by Josephine Pullein-Thompson are both amusing, as is the Eventers’ Trilogy by Caroline Akrill. Books more overtly humorous are listed below.

Lois Castellain: the Adolphus books – the cartoon adventures of a carthorse and his friend
Susan Chitty: My Life and Horses  in which our heroine brings her own distinctive approach to working with horses
Eric Hatch: Year of the Horse  in which a father attempts to impress his daughter
Denise Hill: Coco the Gift Horse  Coco proves to have his own opinions about many, many things
C Northcote-Parkinson: Ponies Plot  ponies plot to decide their future
Janet Rising: Pony Whisperer series – Pia can hear ponies talking when she is touching a statuette of Epona
Thelwell: Angels on Horseback, A Leg at Each Corner, Thelwell’s Riding Academy, the Penelope series, Thelwell Goes West: matchless equine cartoons
Doreen Tovey: Making the Horse Laugh