Hua Ma the Flower Pony

The story of Hua Ma, a spotted Chinese pony.

Publishing history
Falcon Press, London, 1947, 178 pp, illus Leslie Atkinson

Hua Ma is spotted Chinese pony. Spotted animals are always known as flowered in China, hence his name: Hua Ma means Flower Pony. Hua Ma is bought by an American and shipped to California for Derek his son. There, Hua Ma is stolen by a circus owner, becomes a circus pony and is then bought by a British circus owner. This is disastrous (Hua Ma hates whips) and he is sold as a child’s pony to Francis and Felicity where he is loved and appreciated, but sold after being outgrown. After a stressful spell as a beach pony, Felicity finds him again, and Artful (as they have christened him) comes back to them. Derek visits Felicity and Francis, and finds that Artful is his old pony Hua Ma.
















Cecilia Knowles