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Horse Healing/Alternative

A listing of horse and pony books in which the animal is rehabilitated.


Horse whispering, as with alternative therapies for humans, has become fashionable in the last twenty years or so. The possession of special healing abilities, allied to the regular popping up in horse and pony books of a special relationship with a horse, was always going to prove irresistible to pony authors.

Lauren Brooke: Heartland Series – a girl runs a stable rehabilitating horses
Nicholas Evans: The Horse Whisperer  adult novel in which American horse whisperer heals wrecked horses (and humans)
Pippa Funnell: Tilly’s Pony Tails series – Tilly can communicate with horses
Dandi Daley Mackall: Winnie the Horse Gentler series  a girl uses her special talents for the good of horses
Janet Rising: Pony Whisperer series  pokes gentle fun at the horse healing genre
Judy Waite: Horse Healer Series – a gypsy boy has a gift of healing horses