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Horse dealing

A listing of horse and pony books that cover dealing in horses.


Horse dealers often crop up in pony books: frequently as parents whose offspring have to cope with the fact they no sooner get fond of a pony than it’s sold from underneath them; Peter’s father in K M Peyton’s Fly-by-Night being a prime example. Books which have dealing as their main subject, however, are relatively rare.

Gillian Baxter: Bargain Horses – a mother and daughter team somewhat handicapped by mother’s dealing “talents”
Monica Edwards: Rennie Goes Riding – Rennie’s working experiences include working for a dealer
Lynn Hall: Megan’s Mare – Megan’s parents deal in horses
B L Kearley: Let’s Meet Again – Janet and Mr Wisp have formed a company dealing in horses and riding instruction
Pamela Macgregor-Morris: The Amateur Horsedealers – a family fallen on hard times take up horse dealing to make ends meet
Pamela Macgregor-Morris: The Blue Rosette – Terence Malone becomes involved in dealing
Patience McElwee: The Dark Horse – Irish horsedealers are disapproved of but prove their worth
Diana Pullein-Thompson: The Pony Seekers trilogy – a family take up horse dealing
Mona Sandler: The Young Horse-dealers, Steep Farm Stables – two girls take up horse dealing
Jane Smiley: Abby series – Abby adjusts to life with devout parents. Her father sells horses for a livingKate Thompson: Annan Water – a family are obsessed with their dealing business, leaving their children neglected