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Horse/Animal Rescue, Horse Welfare

A listing of horse and pony books that cover horse rescue in one form or another.

The Cinderella theme finds full expression in the pony book, but it’s usually the horse or pony that is Cinderella, misused or neglected, and in need of the book’s heroine to save them and give them a better life.  

Samantha Alexander: The Hollywell Stables series 
Kitty Barne: Rosina Copper
Hilda Boden: Pony Girl  Irish girl moves to London and finds a pony to rescue
Hilda Boden: One More Pony  girls rescue a pony and do archaeology
Paul Brown: Hi-Guy – fictionalised true story about a horse rescued from a pound
Joanna Cannan: London Pride – a sad London pony is rescued and kept (briefly) in a London garden square
Monica Dickens: the Follyfoot series  a home of rest for horses and its tribulations
Monica Edwards: Cargo of Horses  Tamzin decides the horses goes for meat illicitly must be rescued
Catherine Harris: We Rescued a Pony  Puchinello (and his rider) are rescued from bad treatment at a circus
Alison Hart: Shadow Horse – excellent horsy mystery set on a rescue farm
Marion Holland: The Secret Horse
Sue Howes: The Bay Mare
Jenny Hughes: A Horse by Any Other Name
Carol Iden: Sidney’s Ghost  American police horse set for slaughter is rescued
Patricia Leitch: To Save a Pony  the rescue sandwiches the majority of the story, which is about a riding school
Patricia Leitch: First Pony  a girl decides her first pony will be Tarka, who needs saving
Mary Oldham: A Dream of Horses  Diana saves for a horse and buys one who has been raced too early
K M Peyton: Poor Badger
Christine Pullein-Thompson: Park Farm Animal series
Christine Pullein-Thompson: Horsehaven series
Christine Pullein-Thompson: A Pony In Distress
Christine Pullein-Thompson: The Empty Field – a group of riding school children try to save three heavy horses
Diana Pullein-Thompson: Cassidy in Danger/This Pony is Dangerous
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Save the Ponies!
Lady Kitty Ritson: Molly the New Forest Pony – Dick rescues Molly, the New Forest
Anna Sewell: Black Beauty
Vian Smith: Come Down the Mountain Brenda, alone of the people in her village, is determined to rescue the decaying racehorse
Jane Wardle: Prince Brownie series – a rescue pony becomes a star
Arthur Waterhouse: Dark Champion  a farmer buys a neglected black horse at auction
Diane Lee Wilson: Firehorse